OK GUYS! So the word ‘monkey‘ was proposed to me and I created a gun slinging party hat wearing, little jacket dude! Ordered by a Miss Jennifer!  For her boyfriend as a birthday surprise!

Have you got yours yet? How about you do? for yourself, a friend, parent, teacher, birthday,thank you gift, the experiment is for all occasions! 😉 Get your animal ordered –



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Post3insta post2insta


For those old to this blog you will know what the post blog part is all about and for those new to the blog Welcome, Hello! Hey there! Hi! thanks for taking that leap and pressing that button!

OK! SO! ‘The Post Blog’ category is all about me designing a limited edition of  only 20 postcards, 4 designs, each design is sent out to 5 different people around the world. They all follow a theme of ‘What If..!’  Which is about me in a sense, re-imagining existing beings/things and discovering what if in reality it was different. Nice huh!?  The 4 designs at the top belong to the 3rd and recent batch. Now with them, all that is left to do is get them printed, ‘Still!? But you said that ages ago!’I know, I hear that!.. I’m so behind. I will print them soon!! Then write a random message on the back, and have them fly through the postal system once more! The second batch is the middle and the first one is the last. I think it’s safe to say for me I like to think they’re getting better 😉 Well I appreciate all your likes and comments! Feel free to follow again twitter – @daltonsart or Instagram for process shots of future work @daltonsart

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What If…? Budgies Rap!


Yo! My 3rd batch of ‘What If…?’ postcards is now complete with this last image! Can I get a –> Whoop!! Whoop!! I need to get them printed out still before I start sending them out to strangers. So in the meantime why not Kick backRelax – Let the rapping budgie show you a few beats! Oh and why not follow me on twitter or Instagram to get updates! and painting process!

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What If…?? Camels had Humps of Ice!


Imagine that! What if camels did have humps of ice!? The 4th and silliest idea in the what if batch!

Really I have no idea how this would work. Maybe you touch the humps and the ice cubes would pop out? Maybe they burp them out? or perhaps they fart a cube out? Either way their humps are obviously going to be a shade of blue.


Finally, Finals are Finally Here… 1

What If…??  Tigers Had Antlers!

I have to confess, I may have ruined this one… I didn’t like his rear end so removed the tail!! OH well, postcard one is done! 🙂

The Cards Have Landed Hoorah!!

My plan is now in action! and so after travelling 6,188 km! my ‘What if …Sharks had arms?’ Postcard has arrived in the U S of A! and into the arms of one lucky lady named Angela! woohooo! she also blogs go check out her amazing stock of postcards at

My ‘what if… cats had talons? made it to Ireland!! Thanks Sekmes!It is so great to hear peoples thoughts and actually engaging with the questions. cats with talond would definatley be strange! or if sharks had arms maybe they would give big hugs instead of bites?? ALSO I recieved my very first postcard from Roosendaal in the Nederlands!! Go Me!!  Already thinking about a next theme. Huuummm!!??

This is Awesome!!  2 down 3 more to go! then i can send a second batch of ‘What if…’ out into the big wide world.

Till next time!

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