Hello bloggers! Kitty and Lottie say hi! I’ve just finished painting these two fur balls for my aunty! As always to those who still follow thank for the likes 😀

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OK GUYS! So the word ‘monkey‘ was proposed to me and I created a gun slinging party hat wearing, little jacket dude! Ordered by a Miss Jennifer!  For her boyfriend as a birthday surprise!

Have you got yours yet? How about you do? for yourself, a friend, parent, teacher, birthday,thank you gift, the experiment is for all occasions! 😉 Get your animal ordered – daltonsart.bigcartel.com



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Seahorse SURPRISE!!

YEP! Some Seahorses were ordered by a Miss Rebecca Leina! Have you got yours yet? How about you do? 😉 Get your animal ordered – daltonsart.bigcartel.com







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The Experiment!

An affordable piece of art based on your suggestion; Name one animal and I will create a 20x20cm, original piece of art for you!

You may receive an Illustration or a drawing, a colour or black and white image or even a painting! The outcome and concept of the artwork is up to me and the surprise of the final image will arrive through your post! Excited yet?You are, FAB!  Then all you need to do is click on the link and the experiment can start!


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Inspired by the things my cats kills!   Presenting The Death Parade;Baby pigeon Number FOUR!

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With over 3hrs worth of painting, I cut it to as short as I could. If you can spare 5mins and are a little bit intrigued as to how the art comes about, then why not get a cookie! popcorn! or some jelly beans! and sit back, and watchIf you wanu!

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Hello People! I don’t know if you have noticed but I have added a new page! YAY! After, a lot of people going on at me I have decided to open myself up to receiving orders from amazing people – Like you! who wish to have their beloved pets forever remembered as an endearing piece of art. Weather it be a watercolour painting or a hand drawn pen and ink, of your cat! Dog! Hamster! Pig! Fish! Rabbit! Dragon?! I’m your gal! and This is the place to be!

‘How do we get one?’ I hear you cry!!  What an very good question! The new page is along the top bar titled ‘Animal Portraits’ There you will find all the information your precious eyes could want to read! Have Fun!


SSsshh!! Come closer! I’m going to tell you a secret! I may be selling some prints of my art from this blog, on my website soon! If you have been following it would be great for you to let me know which ones are best to get printed!! As always Thank you for the likes and comments!

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There are over fifteen-hundred species of Scorpion throughout the world, of those, only twenty-five are lethal. The Scorpion is a very interesting and solitary creature. This totem is chaotic and passionate, the power animal is also strong and have the ability to inspire. Words associated with the spirit of the scorpion are SELF-PROTECTION, ENDURANCE, FEARLESSNESS, WILLPOWER, DIGNITY.    —> Progress shots.

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Power Tiger


The tiger is a symbol of energy and power and is considered the king of the jungle. Tigers are noble animals that have an air of independence and confidence, They provide the individual with will power, trusting your intuition and strength to face adversity and to act in a timely manner. Words associated with the spirit of the Tiger are. POWER, DEVOTION, PASSION, ADVENTURE, SENSUALITY.

Want it?

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Power Project


ATTENTION ALL ! Here are the first two sketches of a new project I’m doing! It’s based on the concept of ‘Power Animals’ WHY? Well let’s face it, most people suck! and Animals are wonderful. But you don’t suck! …No you don’t either…Hum Well maybe you do .. .a little..But definitely not you! Annnyways! Please follow the painting process @ the_daltonsart or @ Annie__Dalton

If you do, you may see a sketch of the next ‘What If…?’

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Painty Pet!

Potential example for pet portraits, Project! To create a representation of the photo within my adequate range of skill!


Portraits Reaaallly??

So I don’t really do portraits, but when my brothers turns up at my door and so kindly pushes a canvas into my hands and politley says ‘paint my kids’ then quickly runs away. How could anyone resist? Well despite my thoughts of ‘NOoooooo, I can’t do it.’ I do like a challenge and its about time I step out of my comfort zone and try to accomplish…Humans! But here we have it, below is the final piece, Jamie Tiana Chole Jack. One day you won’t thank me for this! 🙂