Inspired by the things my cats kills!   Presenting The Death Parade Number TWO!

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The Death Parade!


Inspired by the things my cats kills!   Presenting The Death Parade Number One!

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Frogging Around!


From watercolour to spray paint!! With the helpful eye of  INKFETISH  I present to you my first attempt at a nice tree frog / graffiti / street art / wall mural thing. ‘What was that?…. it looks familiar?‘ … Well you may notice this frog making an appearance in another piece of my artwork, funny enough if you click this link —> THIRSTY!  You may just see it again! Was it a success? I’d like to think so besides from the aching hand, which never occurred to me would happen… Looks easier then it is, is a phrase I will attach to this experience.  Was it fun? Yes, loads, lots and lots.

A few progress shots below one with a weirdo arm and another photo with UK underground hip hop superstar SKINNYMAN  Who was walking along with his family.

 IMG_20140506_173823 IMG_20140506_200943 IMG_20140507_123707


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Still got some sharky prints available! If you would like a bite of one then SNAP away! Please Visit —>


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That’s right folk! New year New Art! Kicking things of with another power animal! Presenting a stag! Looks like he’ll be a biggy.


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Merry New Year!


Bit late with posting the Xmassy cutsie illustration this year! SO it will have to be a Merry New Year to you! To all my old and new followers welcome to the XMASSY PIGGY!!  Thank you for all the likes/comments. You are all stars! Have a fabulous start to the new year!



Prints! Prints!! Prints!!!


Limited Edition of 10 Signed Shark prints available at folks there while stock last!! 3 gone already!!

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P6 P7

2 more pages from the little children’s story book. A visit to London and all the things you may see!


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Mr Grey!


Mr Earl Grey!! The Squirell that is! Just Another page for a publishing concierge magazine; which will be taken on by Browns Hotel.



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Brown’s Bear.


One side of a page in a little children’s book for a publishing concierge magazine, which will be taken on by Brown’s Hotel in London.



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Bear Time!

G’day Folk!! Well…. I haven’t been blogging much art lately, …I know! bad Annie! But in my defence  I’ve been commissioned to work on a character design and a little book, for a London publishing concierge magazine which will be taken on by Browns Hotel in London!…That’s perfectly forgivable right!? 

Below are a few sketches and the final character design! A few page designs will follow…..


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Like Me?



‘IT’S A SHAARRK’AAAH!’... No..Come back don’t run

It’s just a commission piece I have recently completed for a birthday present!!

Facebook Likes?

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Book of faces

Hey Guys!! 
After many hours of deep thinking, I have finally set up a Facebook page. Now I could entice you to press the like button by saying that it would be the best thing that you do all year! But I’m going to be honest with you…… The awesome reality of that is true. However! This post is in no way meant to tell you what to do. Nope! Things like. ‘Please press that like button.’ OR ‘Press the like button, magical things will happen.’ OR ‘Press the like button, and share the love.’ Will not appear in this post! IF however your curious beautiful mind would maybe like to see magical things and share the love then by all means out of your own free will of course search DALTONSART or follow the link here — >  & PRESS THAT LIKE BUTTON!! Many Thanks!!

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SooOoooOO!! Here is me again! Shorter this time, as I lost a few bits of the footage time. No music! Mainly because I could not decide what track to go with, and in my defence of this. I thought it would be nice and considerate of me to just let you play whatever you like whilst watching! Have Fun!

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Gorilla’s are amazing huge and powerful animals. They exude a quiet honour and a still dignity that makes a much more profound statement than any boast. Their leadership skills are not of the aggressive kind, rather the gorilla manages other members within the troop with temperance. As a spirit animal, the gorilla reminds us to raise our heads and take pride. Words associated with the spirit of the gorilla are. LOYALTY, DIGNITY, STRENGTH, INTELLIGENCE, NURTURING.

Progress shots




Post3insta post2insta


For those old to this blog you will know what the post blog part is all about and for those new to the blog Welcome, Hello! Hey there! Hi! thanks for taking that leap and pressing that button!

OK! SO! ‘The Post Blog’ category is all about me designing a limited edition of  only 20 postcards, 4 designs, each design is sent out to 5 different people around the world. They all follow a theme of ‘What If..!’  Which is about me in a sense, re-imagining existing beings/things and discovering what if in reality it was different. Nice huh!?  The 4 designs at the top belong to the 3rd and recent batch. Now with them, all that is left to do is get them printed, ‘Still!? But you said that ages ago!’I know, I hear that!.. I’m so behind. I will print them soon!! Then write a random message on the back, and have them fly through the postal system once more! The second batch is the middle and the first one is the last. I think it’s safe to say for me I like to think they’re getting better 😉 Well I appreciate all your likes and comments! Feel free to follow again twitter – @daltonsart or Instagram for process shots of future work @daltonsart

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With over 3hrs worth of painting, I cut it to as short as I could. If you can spare 5mins and are a little bit intrigued as to how the art comes about, then why not get a cookie! popcorn! or some jelly beans! and sit back, and watchIf you wanu!

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How about a Croak? I’m sure we all know this joke! Ha! SO Coke have this ‘Share a coke with’ campaign thing going on and while I think it’s genius, my name is never on things (as far as I am aware). I’ve protested! and even though I am probably more of a lemonade person. I am rooting for Croke!! YES!!  Because let’s face it Croaca Cola is a lot more tasty!! So Share A Croke With Annie!

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Power Owl!


There are over 100 different species of Owls. We all know that most Owls are nocturnal and The most striking animal meaning for the owl is its deep connection with wisdom and intuitive knowledge. The owl has very keen hearing and vision, which enables the owl to perceive what others cannot. As a spirit animal, the owl guides you to see beyond the veil of deception and illusion; to have a strong intuition to see information and wisdom beyond deceiving appearances into the true reality of a situation or a person’s motives. Words associated with the spirit of the owl are WISDOM, MYSTERY, TRANSITION, SECRETS, INTELLIGENCE.

Progress Shots

Tweet Me Maybe?

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Hello People! I don’t know if you have noticed but I have added a new page! YAY! After, a lot of people going on at me I have decided to open myself up to receiving orders from amazing people – Like you! who wish to have their beloved pets forever remembered as an endearing piece of art. Weather it be a watercolour painting or a hand drawn pen and ink, of your cat! Dog! Hamster! Pig! Fish! Rabbit! Dragon?! I’m your gal! and This is the place to be!

‘How do we get one?’ I hear you cry!!  What an very good question! The new page is along the top bar titled ‘Animal Portraits’ There you will find all the information your precious eyes could want to read! Have Fun!


SSsshh!! Come closer! I’m going to tell you a secret! I may be selling some prints of my art from this blog, on my website soon! If you have been following it would be great for you to let me know which ones are best to get printed!! As always Thank you for the likes and comments!

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