little red riding hood



Inspired by the things my cats kills!   Presenting The Death Parade;RAT Number FIVE!

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Aaah… Memories!

In the month of October, in the year of…2009! The classic fairy tale of Little Red Riding Hood was given a new lease of life! Myself and 4 others produced an exhibition based around the delightfully ignorant little girl and the Big Bad Wolf!! The story was taken out of the book and unraveled across the gallery walls through paintings, print, photography, relief and digital art. With each artist having a different part of the story to tell.

I look back on the piece I created, I tried to produce an image from the eyes of Little Red, when she gradually realises that Grandma isn’t so small eyed, small eared and small teeth and cuddly like… I don’t mind it, but I don’t particularly like it, so I shall not be looking at it again for another year or so!

The promotional poster on the other hand was a collaboration between Jonathan Lam a fellow artist! and Annie Dalton (that’s me). It took far longer than anyone anticipated! Went through multiple drafts and re-drafts! We thought we finished it… then we started again from scratch! But it all paid off in the end! (can you see the wolfs face within the trees??… spooky!) We managed to advertise our exhibition by getting the poster displayed on the London underground at Moorgate, in an exhibition with ArtBelow. As well as getting it published in the September 2010 Images34 an illustration annual.

On the whole, great experience! great success! aah memories!

A 🙂