What If…? Budgies Rap!


Yo! My 3rd batch of ‘What If…?’ postcards is now complete with this last image! Can I get a –> Whoop!! Whoop!! I need to get them printed out still before I start sending them out to strangers. So in the meantime why not Kick backRelax – Let the rapping budgie show you a few beats! Oh and why not follow me on twitter or Instagram to get updates! and painting process!

A 🙂

What If…?? Camels had Humps of Ice!


Imagine that! What if camels did have humps of ice!? The 4th and silliest idea in the what if batch!

Really I have no idea how this would work. Maybe you touch the humps and the ice cubes would pop out? Maybe they burp them out? or perhaps they fart a cube out? Either way their humps are obviously going to be a shade of blue.


Paper Polar


I read a few stories from theCalendar of Tales’ project by Neil Gaiman. This is from the July tale. I thought the idea of a polar bear, made of the pages of fierce books was great and it got stuck in my mind… well here is the result!!

BTW folks! I’ve had instagram for a while kinda don’t see the point in it and haven’t really uploaded things until now! Still don’t see the point BUT if you would like to see progress shots of this, and future work. Instagram me up! follow at —> the_daltonsart  <— You may even see a sneak peak of a new ‘What If…?!’

A 🙂