Hey Bloggers! I’ve not posted much for a while as I’ve been busy building something potentially exciting! I am now a director of my own company! YAY! bannerAT

www.artthief.co.uk is an online gallery that finds and curates some of the best art around at affordable prices. Co founded by me and my buddy our aim is to promote and sell high quality Giclee prints by both established and upcoming artists with the idea to create a place where the majority of the profits go to the artist and not the gallery. Sounds pretty exciting right!? Well we launched yesterday, which means we are live today… What are you waiting for? Go and check it out! Maybe buy a print or two? 😉 We are also on social media – who isn’t these days hey! FACEBOOK Twitter INSTAGRAM Pinterest I think that covers the lot! Would be great to see you on these. We have a growing rogues gallery of artists and artwork, a perfect excuse to keep a sharp eye on those outlets to stay up to date with new and exciting art, exclusively commissioned prints, artist interviews and news about Art Thief.

Thanks for listening… whoever you are! 🙂

SooOoooOO!! Here is me again! Shorter this time, as I lost a few bits of the footage time. No music! Mainly because I could not decide what track to go with, and in my defence of this. I thought it would be nice and considerate of me to just let you play whatever you like whilst watching! Have Fun!

A 🙂



Gorilla’s are amazing huge and powerful animals. They exude a quiet honour and a still dignity that makes a much more profound statement than any boast. Their leadership skills are not of the aggressive kind, rather the gorilla manages other members within the troop with temperance. As a spirit animal, the gorilla reminds us to raise our heads and take pride. Words associated with the spirit of the gorilla are. LOYALTY, DIGNITY, STRENGTH, INTELLIGENCE, NURTURING.

Progress shots