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Hello followers! Old and New.. Thanks for staying tuned for so long! I have some news…. Yep! I think you can guess –  If my title isn’t so obvious, you are correct!

I have built a new website! Below is a screen grab of the home page! Have a gander at and let me know what you think! I greatly appreciate all the follows and the likes over the years of me blogging, and as I sit here typing and raising my imaginary glass here is to many more – CHEERS!


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DRAGON Surprise!!

The Experiment has started! Presenting a 20×20 Dragon! Ordered by @inktheory. If you would like to join in then please go HERE!!! for details and order!dragoninsta

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The Experiment!

An affordable piece of art based on your suggestion; Name one animal and I will create a 20x20cm, original piece of art for you!

You may receive an Illustration or a drawing, a colour or black and white image or even a painting! The outcome and concept of the artwork is up to me and the surprise of the final image will arrive through your post! Excited yet?You are, FAB!  Then all you need to do is click on the link and the experiment can start!

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Post3insta post2insta


For those old to this blog you will know what the post blog part is all about and for those new to the blog Welcome, Hello! Hey there! Hi! thanks for taking that leap and pressing that button!

OK! SO! ‘The Post Blog’ category is all about me designing a limited edition of  only 20 postcards, 4 designs, each design is sent out to 5 different people around the world. They all follow a theme of ‘What If..!’  Which is about me in a sense, re-imagining existing beings/things and discovering what if in reality it was different. Nice huh!?  The 4 designs at the top belong to the 3rd and recent batch. Now with them, all that is left to do is get them printed, ‘Still!? But you said that ages ago!’I know, I hear that!.. I’m so behind. I will print them soon!! Then write a random message on the back, and have them fly through the postal system once more! The second batch is the middle and the first one is the last. I think it’s safe to say for me I like to think they’re getting better 😉 Well I appreciate all your likes and comments! Feel free to follow again twitter – @daltonsart or Instagram for process shots of future work @daltonsart

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Looky, Looky!!

Ladies and Gentlemen, I would like to announce that after a little mishap with printing, my postcards are finished! I signed up to post crossing site received my addresses and my postcards are as I type sitting inside a post-box resting there little sides amongst some other letters!!  Are they a success? Will they reach the unfamiliar persons? One can only hope. In the meantime it is a waiting game, a game I shall happily play. And for those of you who have a burning desire to see what the finished designs are like, well brace yourselves I have posted them below….

Presenting What If…Sharks had arms?  What If…Cats had Talons?   What If…Pigeons were in Charge?   What If…Rats had Wings?

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