Tiger Enamel Pins!

Meeeeooow! Look what I have gone and designed… Yep! Tiger enamel pins. For those who know me and my work, would I really have made anything else? 😀

If you have found yourself roaring with excitment, it probably means you have falling in love with them. So you absolutley need to check them out on my website shop here –  CLICK ME

Thank you 🙂



Been working on another black cat. Second in my Black cat series, using spray paint and acrylics! Below is a snap of the latest canvas. Will get it photographed properly, hoping to do some prints.


A  🙂


Power Tiger


The tiger is a symbol of energy and power and is considered the king of the jungle. Tigers are noble animals that have an air of independence and confidence, They provide the individual with will power, trusting your intuition and strength to face adversity and to act in a timely manner. Words associated with the spirit of the Tiger are. POWER, DEVOTION, PASSION, ADVENTURE, SENSUALITY.

Want it?

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