Hello followers! Old and New.. Thanks for staying tuned for so long! I have some news…. Yep! I think you can guess –  If my title isn’t so obvious, you are correct!

I have built a new website! Below is a screen grab of the home page! Have a gander at and let me know what you think! I greatly appreciate all the follows and the likes over the years of me blogging, and as I sit here typing and raising my imaginary glass here is to many more – CHEERS!


A  🙂


Brown’s Bear.


One side of a page in a little children’s book for a publishing concierge magazine, which will be taken on by Brown’s Hotel in London.



A 🙂

Bear Time!

G’day Folk!! Well…. I haven’t been blogging much art lately, …I know! bad Annie! But in my defence  I’ve been commissioned to work on a character design and a little book, for a London publishing concierge magazine which will be taken on by Browns Hotel in London!…That’s perfectly forgivable right!? 

Below are a few sketches and the final character design! A few page designs will follow…..


A 🙂

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