Hello followers! Old and New.. Thanks for staying tuned for so long! I have some news…. Yep! I think you can guess –  If my title isn’t so obvious, you are correct!

I have built a new website! Below is a screen grab of the home page! Have a gander at and let me know what you think! I greatly appreciate all the follows and the likes over the years of me blogging, and as I sit here typing and raising my imaginary glass here is to many more – CHEERS!


A  🙂


Doggy book found!!

A little snippet of a story I started to create four years ago, ha!!! I thought I had lost it but I FOUND IT!!  🙂 Well I guess I can now try and finish the illustrations for it! I’ve done a cat book, this is well the dog book, eventually I want to create a set of funny stories from the animals point of view, picking on things that us humans do that really bug them. Well thats the plan anyway.!