About The Stuff

The ‘stuff I do’  Topic is an opportunity where I can upload sketches I do, finished painting I create, a sort of creative diary so to speak. IT WILL BE FUN! I may not upload everyday or every week, but I assure you I will upload now and again…eventually… 

‘The Post Blog’ project is a personal project (Project on hold) it’s where I upload my art for Postcrossing, it’s all about me designing a limited edition of  only 20 postcards, 4 designs, each design is sent out to 5 different people around the world. They all follow a theme of ‘What If..!’  Which is about me in a sense, re-imagining existing beings/things and discovering what if in reality it was different. Nice huh!?

‘The Death Parade’ are black and white artwork, Inspired by the things my cats kills!

‘Animal Surprise’  is an experiment! An affordable piece of art based on your suggestion; Name one animal and I will create a 20x20cm, original piece of art for you! You may receive an Illustration or a drawing, a colour or black and white image or even a painting! The outcome and concept of the artwork is up to me and the surprise of the final image will arrive through your post! Order – http://daltonsart.bigcartel.com/

A 🙂


  1. I agree with you about school. I tend to think the great advantage of art school (and this is only true for particular schools) is that one networks and makes contacts with some who may later be able to help in one’s career. Otherwise, the quality of training gained varies from school to school. I never received any professional training, but if I had the time and means I would like to take some workshops to improve in areas in which I lack skills. In any case, I think one can learn quite a bit on one’s own if one is motivated.

    1. Yeah! agree, networking/contacts are a big deal, especially if you’re a fresh graduate, but like you mentioned the quality of training can differ and whilst it’s easy to get discouraged, the motivation thing is definitely key in ones own learning rather than in a schools ‘training.’
      It’s hard to believe you lack any skill, I truly enjoyed looking at your illustrations, great stuff! and thanks for the likes!

      1. I wish I didn’t lack skills, but one always has room for improvement in one area or another, and I’m painfully aware of my own limitations. Still, I’m grateful for your kind words. I wish you the best in your own endeavors – never stop growing, and, above all, remain persistent!

      2. Oh don’t I know it, I have far to grow also! and often you tend to find an artist is his own worst critic; So it should be a fun battle! Thanks for the encouragement, I shall heed well. All the best with your journey and seeking those skills!

  2. I saw you were a Londoner from Martin’s blog and wandered over for a little browse. I love the stuff that you do! There’s such a lovely quality to it – I love your unexplainable genius 🙂

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