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LETS DO THE BOOK OF FACES!! https://www.facebook.com/daltonsart8

I have been breathing North London air since I escaped from the mother ship, however unlike most people I had to wait 8 minutes for my twin to release herself before my feet could guide me. Yes! Feet…I came out backwards and as most of my family would say, I’ve been backwards ever since, I like to think of it as unexplained genius but I’ll settle with a creative, curious, personality. Love to draw, Mr Pencil is my lifelong friend. Watercolour is my chosen method, but like to mix it up now and again. OH and not  that it isn’t obvious but…Any reproduction whatsoever without express written consent of DALTONSART is prohibited. Copyright © 2015.

Go Shopping!! ——> http://daltonsart.bigcartel.com/



  1. thank you for your kind comment on my blog! I really appreciate it !
    your watercolour paintings are wonderful. I do like the colour selections and the topics you choose. nice to read that you like the traditional techniques in the art of illustrations.
    I myself use the “traditional” techniques for my collages, just scissors + glue + some pens; no photoshop etc. it’s such a nice handicraft.

    all the best!


    1. That’s very kind thank you! Your traditional techniques may aid your work, but it is your skill and creative imagination that makes them unique; Great stuff!!
      Keep cutting & gluing!
      A 🙂

  2. Thanks for following me and leaving such nice words on my site!

    I was so shocked to hear from you, I do think your work is so unpredictable, and creative which making it so likeable!
    (I can’ stand repetitive, predictable stuff – I guess mine is sometimes (but it has to pay the bills hey)!

    PS your e-commerce site’s great! – I need tips!


    1. That’s really kind. Thank you! I don’t think your work is predictable!, There’s not a lot of people with such a skill to produce great wooden craft and designs. I imagine It takes a great patience to build work like yours. Good stuff!! thanks again!!

  3. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog! I wanted to ask you, how you liked using Society6 that sells your prints. I’m beginning to get requests for prints and I have no idea what’s best to go about it. Use a site (like Society6 or esty) or do them myself thru a print shop? Any advice would be greatly appreciated and I’m not in any rush. But thank you so much for taking time.

    1. Hey! society6 is cool as when someone buys a print they produce it and ship it to the buyer on behalf of yourself – which saves a lot of time! – there’s a load of other products you can have your artwork on to.
      However if you want complete control of printing them yourself (with a quality printer on quality paper) and sending it to who buys then Etsy is probably best. (I haven’t used Etsy but I imagine that’s what it’s about).
      You could also find a few print shops and get some quotes, and go with the cheapest option in paying a company to print your artwork out – Then you’ll have to post and package them yourself.
      I guess think it over and see what would work best for you. Hopefully all this has made sense and been of some help to you! – Good Luck!! : )

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