Inspired by the things my cats kills!   Presenting The Death Parade Number THREE!

A 🙂



  1. These are pretty cool. After most of the stuff from you being somewhat romanticised or whimsical, this is an interesting turn to the “dark side” 🙂 … I kind of want to tell you off for letting your cat out to kill things though. I mean, it’s not such a problem if it’s only getting rats, but there’s a big problem with cats killing native animals and reaking havoc with ecosystems. Though I can appreciate that it’s more of an issue here in Australia, than London where there’s not so much nature left.

    *Steps down off high horse*

    1. No. I know, it’s ok. unfortunately we have a stray cat that hangs around and he is the spawn of Satan I swear the devil of all devil cats!! he’s the one that caught the squirrel. I couldn’t believe it to be honest. and trust me when I say I’m a firm believer in keeping cats in at night. (when they’re most likely to hunt). But when you live with others who don’t agree, and just open doors, it’s hard to make a point. This project was my way of acknowledging the animals they have killed, They lived and now they live in my drawings so to speak… and please let me reassure you when they are out they do not come back with dead things all the time. quite rare. Nevertheless Thank you for your comment, I’ve been wanting to turn to the dark side for a while 🙂

      1. Haha. Welcome to the dark side, then. You can come hang out with Vader and the rest of the gang. Good response, regarding the cat thing too. I will put that high horse away as I can see I won’t be needing it 😀

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