Frogging Around!


From watercolour to spray paint!! With the helpful eye of  INKFETISH  I present to you my first attempt at a nice tree frog / graffiti / street art / wall mural thing. ‘What was that?…. it looks familiar?‘ … Well you may notice this frog making an appearance in another piece of my artwork, funny enough if you click this link —> THIRSTY!  You may just see it again! Was it a success? I’d like to think so besides from the aching hand, which never occurred to me would happen… Looks easier then it is, is a phrase I will attach to this experience.  Was it fun? Yes, loads, lots and lots.

A few progress shots below one with a weirdo arm and another photo with UK underground hip hop superstar SKINNYMAN  Who was walking along with his family.

 IMG_20140506_173823 IMG_20140506_200943 IMG_20140507_123707


A 🙂


    1. Thank you. Yep, it’s parkland walk! This was just before the adventure huge hill/playground bit. …I don’t know… Brick lane/crouch end. You should wear a hat that says ‘martinsdoodles’ so people can give you a little wave!

      1. Yes, know the spot, we don’t live far from there, I’ll look out for it next time next time I’m along there. I do like a good hat, might have to try that one out

  1. Whoa! You’re a hip, groovy street artist now?? All the world’s your canvas, at least the brick walls where there aren’t any constables hanging about??

    Cool frog!– I especially dig the way the eyes gleam. I’d say more, but I’m all croaked up!! : )

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