SooOoooOO!! Here is me again! Shorter this time, as I lost a few bits of the footage time. No music! Mainly because I could not decide what track to go with, and in my defence of this. I thought it would be nice and considerate of me to just let you play whatever you like whilst watching! Have Fun!

A 🙂


  1. Your hands move so quickly, I guess it would be kind of wrong to cut them both off and attached them to my wrists so I have 4 hands? Now I’ve said it, it doesn’t seem so bad?

  2. I always enjoy watching other artists create their work. I didn’t realize this piece was as large as it is until I noticed this video and saw you working on it. I miss doing real painting. The downside to working professionally is that I’m forced to work digitally because of all the revisions which I may be asked to do. Unfortunately, changes are too difficult (if not impossible) to do on a traditional painting. Anyway, keep up the great painting.

    1. I should probably catch up with the digital world and learn some software a bit more! – I’m just more comfortable with a more traditional way of working… Hopefully it get’s somewhere! Thank you for the comment appreciate it!

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