How about a Croak? I’m sure we all know this joke! Ha! SO Coke have this ‘Share a coke with’ campaign thing going on and while I think it’s genius, my name is never on things (as far as I am aware). I’ve protested! and even though I am probably more of a lemonade person. I am rooting for Croke!! YES!!  Because let’s face it Croaca Cola is a lot more tasty!! So Share A Croke With Annie!

A 🙂


  1. This outrageous and beautifully crafted bit of whimsy is a gas and a half!!

    Or do I mean a fizz and a half??

    Fantastic work, Annie, so many nice touches. Love all the faces, the concept, the layout, the poses, the detail on the flexible sections of the straws, and the little leak– and especially the realistic lighting effects on the bottle– beautiful work there.

    I’m ready to share a Croke with you anytime, and why is that one frog wearing my underwear?? : P

    1. YAY! the first one to say they will share a croak with me. I’ll get the first round! I think defo a Fizz and a half! Thanks so much Mark! That’s got to be your longest comment yet! and as always very much appreciated! – You must have very popular underwear!! : )

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