To The Finish Line!!


SO! I ran a 5K on Sunday!! It was to raise money for Race for Life, Cancer research! I made it to the end!! YAY ME! The night before I couldn’t really sleep so decided to sketch my trainers! Then turn that into a piece of art. I know what your thinking!! But sadly I’m afraid not! My laces were not done up like this!  BTW peps! I’ve got a power animal coming up soon! If you want to see progress shots please follow on instagram! @ the_daltonsart.

A 🙂


  1. Hey! I just got off my treadmill after running 6k and thought I would check out WP while catching my breath – your running shoes were the first post to appear in my Reader 🙂

    I’m training for some Charity runs also. They are great to be a part of … and absolutely agree … YAY YOU!

    1. How strange, I thought about posting it later but just decide to put it up! ha! Some motivation for you! 🙂 They are a lot of fun to be apart of!! keeping fit whilst helping a great cause! Good luck with your run!!

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