Power Fox


The fox is among the most uniquely skilled and ingenious animals of nature. There are various species of fox, but they all share the extreme cleverness and cunning that paved the way for the expression, sly as a fox. Fox urges us to develop the art of camouflage, invisibility, and shape shifting. They are agile, skilled, and unpredictable. Calling someone foxy is not always paying them a compliment, it can also mean that they are tricksters or liars. Words associated with the spirit of the Fox are FEMININE COURAGE, OBSERVATIONAL, CUNNING, SPEED, STEALTH.    —-> progress shots

Want It?

A 🙂


  1. Power fox?? Gee, I thought it was something you buy at a hardware store… : P

    Beautiful detail here, Annie. I love the fine lines and shading under the eyes and along the side of the nose.

    I’ve always liked paintings where white space leaves it to the viewer to fill in the “rest” of the image. Implied snow on an old barn roof would be a good example. We can only see a small portion of Mr. Sly, but we can definitely feel the rest of him lurking!

    Lovely work! : )

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