Postcard update!

SO!! Towards the end of 2012, I managed to send out most of my postcards. YAY ME! This blog post is for all my special followers, so you! Yes you! and I guess myself! as evidence, that all the hours, effort,  paint, paper, blood, sweat, and all that jazz!  put in does prove to have results. I have 6 more left to write a personalised message on, draw a random address on the postcrossing site and send off flying through the postal system one last time!! BUT!! For the cards that have already been sent out to a bunch of extremely random lucky strangers!!  have expressed lovely words that I really appreciate and below are just a few…..

Hurray! GB-374142 to Finland has arrived!   ”Hi Annie! Terve & привет (privet)!  It was such a delight to receive your quirky, but stunning postcard! Thanks a lot for it! This imperturbable rabbit with human feet definitely put a broad smile on my face!”

Hurray!  GB-374147 to United States of America has arrived!  “Thank you for this awesome card Annie !!!   I am actually very proud to own this special card. Thank you very very much ! Merci :)”

Hurray! GB-374146 to the Netherlands has arrived!  Hello Annie, thanks so much – it’s a lovely card and your own design! Really beautiful. Good luck with your drawings, we need people like you in the world big time! F.”

Hurray! GB-374141 to Germany has arrived!  “Dear Annie! I was so glad as I received your postcard! I couldn’t believe that it is you own design! It is wonderful and I’m happy that I am one of five persons who will ever get it! 🙂  Tank you very much!” 🙂 🙂 🙂

Well…There we have it!! I love post ha!! 😀

Part of the postcrossing experience, is that for every postcard you send, you will receive one back from another random person anywhere in the world. As you can imagine, I have a bit of a wonderful collection growing! so I have uploaded, not all! but some of my favourites (click for details)….You’re not obliged to look, but if you do I hope you enjoy!!  🙂


  1. A fantastic idea, I’m not surprised it was dreamed up by one of my favorite artists! Talk about using one’s special gifts to make the world a brighter, happier place… well done, Annie, take ye a bow!! : )

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