Howlin’ Mice

All the likes, comments, follows truly leaves me with a jolly sense of merriment. You are super!  SO presenting the masterful….  Howlin’ Mice. They play for you! & I thank you! 🙂

A 🙂



    1. Ha, Thanks! OH the Howlin’ Mice are only ever a headline act, the Boomtown Rats have tried trapping them into performing but alas, they are only ever free on Mondays! hehe!!

  1. Wonderful!! This one has me grinnin’ like the mouse who found a big cheese wheel under his Christmas tree! It has a light and airy quality that seems perfectly suited to the humor.

    I really like the jazzman touches– the bowtie and fedora– and I like the brick wall and blue backdrop as well– gives the piece a nice jazz club feel. Beautifully done! : )

    1. As always, I really enjoy reading your comments!! thank you!! really like that you pin point on the individual aspects of the illustration as well, it’s what I wanted to do with it, so glad I achieved it! So thank you again!! : )

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