Wall Art

About 6 months ago, me and my mate destroyed a wall! or About 6 months ago me and my mate enhanced a boring wall that now looks sensational! Huum well either one! only just got around to getting a few photos. Enjoy 🙂



  1. Would you like to paint my walls? I have a white one or I have a blue one. I’d like a big big whale eating cherries whilst lounging like the roman upper class, please.

      1. I like the foamy mushroom sweets!! yummy! or maoam strips but any really. Thanks! yes i’ll tell you what to do I wont just let you roam free ha!

      2. Haha damn, I thought I’d get some creative free will, but the shackles are out again. I’m more of a sherbert person. Or any food that pushes my face into the centre of my head.

      3. Ha! I bet you like those pix’n’mix sherbet spaceships! Oh and don’t forget jelly beans! Hogwarts kind. Well OK, I won’t restrict you completely with my bossiness 🙂 it is your wall after all!

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