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      1. Well I hope they do that dolphin life saving act thing, as otherwise I’ll be sinking quite quickly. Unless you have any other medical animals hidden away?

      2. I think your forgetting about your magical seahorse!! i’m pretty sure you wouldn’t drown with that around….unless it was on holiday or eaten by hungry sharks?

      3. I think she died, she was getting quite old as I rode her across the galaxy. her back doesn’t seem to be able to support me no more. So I’d rather just drown and become a merman ghost, rather than troubling my sweet magical seahorse.

      4. ahhh that’s too bad!! poor magical seahorse! well if your dead you can be friends with my sharkys. maybe they will take pity on you and help you to land. you might have to offer them a limb to do this though.

      5. Well thats kind of morbid, but yeah, I can give one of my skeletal fish limbs to the sharks in exchange for some landing. I’ve turned into a common whore!

      6. lets hope you land somewhere safe and nice then, so you dont have to keep selling parts of yourself. Bad luck if its a fishing town!

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