Portraits Reaaallly??

So I don’t really do portraits, but when my brothers turns up at my door and so kindly pushes a canvas into my hands and politley says ‘paint my kids’ then quickly runs away. How could anyone resist? Well despite my thoughts of ‘NOoooooo, I can’t do it.’ I do like a challenge and its about time I step out of my comfort zone and try to accomplish…Humans! But here we have it, below is the final piece, Jamie Tiana Chole Jack. One day you won’t thank me for this! 🙂



      1. You don’t know what I look like yet haha, so maybe it’ll be perfect! or really really not me. I can send a photo I guess, it may help the transaction go smoothly.

      2. that is true! ok well send me, a stranger ha! a picture of yourself, i shall observe it! and see what i can do! make it a good one though…think vogue!

      3. Not really!? you could’ve drawn an arrow jeees! lol your stalking went well, you found me on the book of faces! i’ll email with dot now!

      4. Damn, I always forget about arrows, and dashes, the only punctuation I learnt at school is the comma and full stop. So, I over compensate with both, but mostly commas.

      5. it helps don’t it! well don’t worry i wont file a law suit, i’ll just thank you for making my blog look popular with all these comments ha!

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