What If….

So I’ve been thinking about a theme, a limited edition of 20 postcards, 4 designs, each design is sent out to 5 different people around the world. Nice huh!? and so… my first theme shall be ‘What if…’ I often have weird and wonderful thoughts, although the people around me would say ‘strange’ I often tire of being considered the odd one but my mouth sometimes runs away with me.(maybe being a bit mad as an artist helps, right? after all most great art wasn’t produced without the artist turning a little senile, hum although fear not my future correspondents I can certainly confirm I will not be cutting my ear off and posting that!..anyways I think a lot and when I observe things that I see or things people do or say, I imagine what it would be like if things were different, for example the saying ‘pigeons are just rats with wings.’ SO!  what if rats actually had wings? what would they look like?. As a result I am embracing my peculiarity and my own way I am bringing to life and sharing my bizarre with you!… you lucky thing you! I’ve got a few sketches done and when I am happy I shall use my trusty watercolours to paint the rare images that shall soon grace The Post Blog.

Till next time…

A 🙂


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