The Cards Have Landed Hoorah!!

My plan is now in action! and so after travelling 6,188 km! my ‘What if …Sharks had arms?’ Postcard has arrived in the U S of A! and into the arms of one lucky lady named Angela! woohooo! she also blogs go check out her amazing stock of postcards at

My ‘what if… cats had talons? made it to Ireland!! Thanks Sekmes!It is so great to hear peoples thoughts and actually engaging with the questions. cats with talond would definatley be strange! or if sharks had arms maybe they would give big hugs instead of bites?? ALSO I recieved my very first postcard from Roosendaal in the Nederlands!! Go Me!!  Already thinking about a next theme. Huuummm!!??

This is Awesome!!  2 down 3 more to go! then i can send a second batch of ‘What if…’ out into the big wide world.

Till next time!

A 🙂


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