Post is great!

Soooooooo this postcrossing stuff seems to be working! as well as me sending my designs out there to strangers around the world, I also recieve postcards from…welll… strangers! cool huh! So far I have amazing postcards from Kenita in the Nederlands who is married and has 2 boys, Peter from Helsinki, who drives the bus from the railway station to the airport! maybe one day I will bump into him… what will be the odds??! Another one from Wenqi who lives in China and I received a Lake Garda postcard from Haly Andrega just this morning. All complete strangers, going about there lives I probably will never speak to or hear from again, but that is why this postcrossing is such a buzz! It takes little effort to just say ‘hello, how are you?’ and by sending something in the post that has been hand written, has a real stamp from somewhere half way across the world…I guess if anything will get you out of your own bubble for a while.

(Wow! just re-read that, i am such a nerd! 😀 )


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