Comments From the Crossers!!!

Just to prove that this post blog thing is working. I have copied over some comments from the previous postblog of the owners of my postcards who live around the world. 🙂

Angela [Visitor]
Did you get my previous comment? The spam-stopping nazi crazy words goofed me up – they are sometimes impossible, aren’t they? Maybe I need bifocals.
I received the cute sharks today in the mail and LOVE them! Thank you thank you! I think if sharks had arms they would totally give out big hugs to potential human prey instead of big bites. Or maybe they’d be able to hold on better as they gnaw away?
Go visit the cute sharks on my blog too!!
Have fun, Angie from Ohio, USA
Craig A Windt [Visitor]
I got one, too! I received the “What if pigeons were in charge?” I love it. Creative and unique. Thanks!
Marcie08 [Visitor]
I saw the card you designed for Craig on his blog. Now I really hope that you will draw my address one day on postcrossing! Your cards are amazing!

Check out Marcie, did you read that hey!! she didnt even recieve a postcard from me but wants one!! high five to me! yeeeah! 🙂


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